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Time Travel

Donald Marshall (November 2012) - lessee most know the basics of what it can do. but once all installations are done haarp gets more functions once the grid is complete..... then it can do time travel... they said, which could destroy earth.... 50/50 chance, and they can bend space and make the distance between like earth and pluto like 1000 miles for a few seconds and it goes back again and they can get a ship to travel fast . also they said they will be able to mind control people without the use of chips or mk ultra or monarch. will be way worse when grid is complete. does more stuff. the space folding and time travel manipulation and mind control, they told me,... the grid gotta be complete though its not just one place, they have to have a certain number of em up around the world in certain spots and have em all working in unison. from what theyve told me,... could be bs I dunno lol. The illuminati clones there told me this... Elizabeth Vladamir,... many many of them...we discussed everything under the sun over 31 years of being brought there as clones,... talked everything to death...confided in me cuz I'd made songs since 5 years old, they thought I was special and wanted me to hang with them, some of them Id made their favorite songs,,... also was memory suppressed back then so was harmless, then they were trying to impress me and amaze me with what they had... wanted me to be a willing full member I faked to learn what they do and how they do it, looking for a way to block the consciousness transfer from cloning then when found none but knew just about everything they do I became super rat lol


ghostgirlenid (November/December 2016) - Is time travel real?

donaldmarshallofficial - yes, I'm not certain how they do it or the extent they can travel but yes, they can do it in a couple different ways. đŸ˜”

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