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Donald Marshall (October 2012) - Yeah, they were just talking about her, when the celebs were going off about Whitney Houston getting killed... They killed left eye too, sacrifice thing,... She was going a little loopy like Britney Spears anyway from seeing too much stuff... I don't miss her, she was mean on me there... All high and mighty, illuminati princess lol... think her name is lisa lopez, I liked the blonde one T-Boz... Used to get with me as clones if I could come up with songs for them,... Lol sooo I made many songs for them LOL... Almost all of them... Was better than getting tortured I guess... T-Boz was nice... I didn't have much to do with the third one Chilie, she was supposed to be a vrill lizard drone and I stayed away from her as much as possible... I hate those things... Haven't seen T-Boz there in years...


Brittany Harrison (August 2013) - 

TLC Creep Video - Unreleased Version

So it just dawned on me that lisa 'left eye' lopez was a direct vrill reference. This video has black cats following her the whole video (death). Seems like she was the only one out of the group the was constantly fckd with by 'them'. Ugh. I'm weirded out.


Donald Marshall - yep. T-Boz was the only semi nice one.


Kitufu Mutufu (October 2013) - Loooooooolest. Your story kinda reminds me when left eye burned down her ex boyfriend's house by lighting his shoes on fire.

Donald Marshall - yeh, she was crazy.

Kitufu Mutufu - Was she one of the good ones at the clone center?

Donald Marshall - nope, kinda mean, I dont miss her. I just liked T-Boz.

Kitufu Mutufu - Ok. I remember you saying you think chili might be a host of Vrill.

Donald Marshall - they said so, but dunno for sure if shes a host.

Kitufu Mutufu - You should have asked T-Boz lol.

Donald Marshall - no, T-boz was supposedly normal.

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