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Transferring Consciousness To Another Body

Question (July 2012) - Now when your talking about type do you mean blood type?

Donald Marshall - no dont have to be same bloodtype, type of person, I'm not sure how that works, but your type usually looks somewhat like you or a relative of you, I dunno. still makes you more confused and dumber in diff body though."


Question (July 2012) - Can you end up in a completely different persons clone or do they usually make more than one clone of you

Donald Marshall - they CAN put you in someone elses clones but it makes you confused and dumber and if the person is too far from your type you just go psychotic like caveman...


  1. Hey Astral Dianna here,I'm on Google+ limited use restriction,so I have to use anonymous. Just one quick question - what can you say about Tory Smith?
    Thanks -

  2. P.S. my son should be home Friday for sure,he will stay with me until the program he is in finds him housing. I am nervous to discuss everything with him and afraid of what I will have to hear...this time I will really listen.
    What a jacked up World we live in. For what it's worth please send my best to Donald I know he is tired of repeating himself and tired of nonsense...and I know he needs to keep safe. I am caught up in stupidity at YouTube and have to get out of it so I can focus on my best to you and... I like Charlie don't know him well at all but when I read him I feel goodness.


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