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Donald Marshall - He was in it for the money, he was not going to tell about it... he bullshitted about them saying they want to get him,... all the while attending cloning each R.E.M stage, and doing the same evil shit to people that the other illuminati scum do. wasn't even black, he was half arab,... and one ugly bastard I thought...Talked to Tupac a bunch of times... he was nothing special. guy's not even dead... he was re-animated into clone with his consciousness recorded on chip. dead clone.

they [Michael Jackson & Tupac] attend [the cloning centers] regularly.

Jane Cellars - if they are clones, where are they? also, if someone has been droned, what happens to their soul?

Donald Marshall - Jackson supposedly lives in the Middle East somewhere, unknown about pac., and when someone is droned it's the same as dying, soul departs like anyone else's does when they die.

Tupac was a dick anyway,... he wasn't against them, he was really in with them,... he just wanted money.

Tupac wasnt a pedophile but was still an asshole down with the Illuminati. Told everyone he wasn't but he was, entirely.

Annamaria Dienes - Is he [Tupac] dead or just hiding ?

Donald Marshall - dead and in next "avatar" body via chip.

Ryan Sorokowski - tupac is still alive

Donald Marshall - yep. new body though.

Ryan Sorokowski - i heard he's alive in cuba though

Donald Marshall - I dunno where he is,... he'll get tracked down. might be permanent clone now, or could have the chip sunk into some poor person and is them now. it'll be known in the end.

Jane Cellars - what is your take on Tupac hologram onstage with Snoop Dog......

Donald Marshall - a clone of pac with motion detector technology on it. like they do for screen capture for video games, with the little balls all over the suit that measure motion. Tupac isn't dead. he's in next "Avatar" (clone) like not a clone of tupac onstage, I mean prerecorded with motion sensor suit and done like that previously.

Kenya Noriee' Robins - On tupac the rapper album its called the don killuminati was he talking about you?

Donald Marshall - What do you think Kenya? 

Kenya Noriee’ Robins - Yea I hear it now they are so evil I was watching little clips of tupac and I just happen to catch that album name..was he really against them? Like were you guys close in anyway

Donald Marshall - No Tupac was in it to win it,... used me,... we were not pals. He was pro Illuminati. He lives on in a clone now.

Oh he [Tupac] knew... helped him make his songs, he wanted to participate in the making of them though... wasnt even black was like half arab or somethin. Fat guy Notorious big had him shot without permission from the illuminuts so illuminuts then had biggie shot, as an example.

Notorious B.I.G wanted to kill Tupac, asked the Illuminut's at the cloning center if they would care, they said "don't kill him" as he was one of the favored sex slaves there, Biggie said he wouldn't then, and had Tupac shot anyway,... the lluminut's put a buncha sodium pentathol (truth serum) into Biggie's clone and scanned his mind with mind control stuff at the same time, Biggie admitted to it, and they had him shot the next day.


  1. I dont understand tupac had hidden messages in his songs."They planted seeds and they hatched sparked into flame inside my brain Loke a match such a dirty game no memories just the misery having Visions of my enemies killing me in my sleep".please explain

    1. AnonymousJune 16, 2016

      You really need that translated for you? Really? I want to laugh, but then I don't. Are you truly that dumb or in denial, like seriously man, he gets torchered enough as is. You going to make his life harder by asking really retarded questions

  2. AnonymousJuly 30, 2016

    How can you tell if you're original person to a cloned person?

  3. Well his makaveli the don killuminati 7 day theory album title was coded. I think it was something like ---- OK on the 7th u think Im dead yet am really alive..... I don't know if he was talking about Donald Marshall by saying don... I don't know if PAC was a clone. I know this. We or the bottom of the pyramid. We or the foundation. We can bring the whole thing down. Fuck who the illuminati wants at the top. If its one thing I do know. There god is not god. None of there gods or goddesses or idols or the one true most high and only god. The real god will bring all there bullshit down. They will go back to the abyss and for eternity... Donald Marshall. You need to get in contact with me

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