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Vatican Sphere

Donald Marshall - THIS is a modern art sculpture and a semi recent addition to Vatican square... It is an attempt by the "living people" to warn the world, as well as cry out for aid... They are afraid of Vrill and hosts and the remade unnatural freaks and hope people will get the hint... Within the Vatican are secret doors leading to secret rooms, and holes in the basement leading down...down...down...down...

It is a representation of the inner Earth BUT Vrill and hosts at the time had a real problem with allowing them to place this "modern art" sculpture in the Vatican Square for all to see... In addition to that reference... this basically IS the Illuminati eye... that's the reasoning they gave them... vrill and hosts allowed it.

made for me, to help me enlist the aid of the world to save them... but I had to wait to show this until I had enough people looking,... I can't fail. Too much at stake.

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