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Vlad The Impaler

Donald Marshall (Thur. May 16, 2013) - Vlad Tepovich (Vlad the Impaler, Vlad Dracul, Dracula)... was a real guy. Wasnt a vampire, but he was way down with Vrill lizards, used to drone his own people... all the peasants knew was people would be summoned and "taken" to the castle and become his loyal willing slaves and henchmen... they thought he was a vampire and was making other Vampires... but he was using vrill that would come up in a tunnel under his castle to make human hosts.

British royalty claim to be descended from Vlad Tepovich, and are very proud of it, "bloodline of the dragon" Vrill really liked Vlad Tepovich, he helped them a lot, but so did the other bloodline families.

Vlad the Impaler ended up beheaded by the Muslims from Turkey, (then known as the Ottoman Empire) This is one of the reasons why British royalty and Vrill lizards don't like Muslims. They hold a grudge for a very long time. British leadership is still hating on America for the war of 1812, when the U.S declared independance from the Crown... Britain didn't like that, they lost a lot of dough and resources on that one.


Donald Marshall (Mon. March 18, 2013) - she [Queen Elizabeth] isn't a host, she helps the Vrill find hosts and children to eat at the cloning centers. They sit around as clones sometimes and have a kid brought there, a real kid and they watch the lizard feed... like death theatre. Made me watch a bunch of times. As clone. her family have been down with Vrill lizards for hundreds of years.

she is supposed to be related to Vlad Tepovich (Vlad the Impaler) she's proud of the fact, and Vlad the Impaler helped Vrill find hosts and lunch too. All the Bloodline families supposedly helped Vrill in the past... religious sects and cults kept them too. Still do. the Vril society the Thule society. Canadian Dept of parasitic research keeps them as well.


Donald Marshall (Sat. February 2, 2013) - Some like Vlad Tepovich (Vlad the Impaler) were very nice to Vrill, helping them drone humans and get humans for food. Elizabeth is supposedly descended from Vlad Tepovich... some bloodlines used to inject themselves with lizard blood with primitive syringes in medieval times thinking they'd get power, someone died from it back then, rich occultist baron or something, but the bloodlines are just lucifarian taught inbred people sometimes secretly cannibals, its part of the lucifarian doctrine... but most of them arent droned. They can't morph from lizard to human and back, thats just a myth and a myth they like to foster as it throws people off the truth.


Donald Marshall (Wed. June 26, 2013) - Maybe do zombie thing because secret of vrill is out and they want to draw attention away. I detailed a plan they were going to do back then, they do hate blacks a lot. Because the Ottoman Empire (Turkey now) they were Muslims and they over ran and executed Vlad Dracul/Vlad Tepovich. Vrill liked Vlad Dracul a lot, he was nice to them and got them lots of people to drone.

Vrill usually want white people, unless really good looking. So they've said.


Donald Marshall - Illuminati fear Muslims and Arabs..... Because in the past the Muslims of Turkey were called the Ottoman Empire....They used to attack old Bavarian countried like Vlad the Impalers country... Queen Elizabeth allegedly is a descendant of Vlad Dracul or so she says... Also Vatican and Jewish faction don't like them... Ottoman Empire Killed Vlad the Impaler... And caused Illuminati problems over the centuries, also the majority of Muslims refuse to attend cloning when asked as a memory suppressed clone, their faith is too strong and they say the whole thing is against their religion they say... Also they can't be bullied... They will fight to the death in defiance, and will suicide bomb... The Illuminati like control... Besides the unbelievable perverted stuff the whole thing is about control of the population... Through religion fear or greed... They have no defence against the muslim suicide bombers and can't control them. They hate Muslims and Arabs bad... Which only makes me like Arabs and Muslims more... I mailed my original letter around the Middle East first because I knew they're not down with them, and to make sure enough people over there (Who NWO won't clone and mess with) knew before I told other people possibly placing them in danger... Too many had read it to make it viable to clone and threaten individuals or off anyone...


  1. Thank Jesus I was an ugly duckling growing up! Full human-breed here.

    Muslims might have suicide bombs, but my LORD died so I can live. I'll just melt the face of Pumpkinhead with the Word of God.

  2. Thank the most high Im a black man.


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