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Vladamir Putin & Lyudmila Putina

Donald Marshall (Sun. October 14, 2012) - Don Lives, :) Just had to go talk to Vladamir and peeg vife Ludi... and Medvedev... got hurt some... like the Chinese people at the cloning center, the Russian losers go straight for your genitals... Vlad was angry I had mentioned him and was chomping at the bit to get at me for a previous post I had made about him... also because I told him I didn't want to have clone sex with his crusty wife Ludmilla when I was a teenager... said it was like having sex with a rubber boot filled to the brim with puke... she didn't like that came out, me chained to cross again and just casually grabs my junk and slow crunched em,... then Vladamir came over, brave retarded work the face... then next body, Oh Medvedev... blah blah blah I lika Vludameer... crunched up nuts again... oh Phil Reece gonna work the face, make the most of the clone... next body... delirius debilitated for a time then Elizabeth croaking at me...woggie woggie Dun... worgle woggie Dun... Electric shock... least I got to make fun of Vlad colorfully and headbut his peeg vife in fece when she stood too close to victim in restraints... vas funny, Vladamir velly angry. Vladamir seems to have equal power to Elizabeth, the pope and Undead chip headed Chairman Mao... Vlad and the Russian leadership are big supporters of the cloning centers and chip technology... And are sympathetic to Vrill...Vladamir's only friends are drones and people he pays to work for him. His wife Ludmilla say;s she IS a drone and from her intelligence level I don't doubt it...I tortured the idiots verbally while I could still speak... Vlad thought of it as like the celebrity roast they used to put on tv...(they used to ask me for insulting jokes to use for that show) But Vlad has a very limited intellect and could not keep up, and his grasp of the english language is lacking... Lol SO whenever he was overwhelmed with the verbal assault he would walk closer and start punching me... I even had his own wife talking against him for a time, lol they were arguing hahahahha. Vlad had a minor malfunction too... See Vlad is some kind of mentally whats the word,... Retarded... And he REALLY doesnt like to be laughed at... SO while we were exchanging words, I was coming up with dazzling words oh maaaan It all just came out natural, and even though I was hurt I forced myself to smile.... Now I'd say something awesome funny, and the crowd would laugh Vlad would say something lacking and a few would laugh... Then I'd play off what he said and ALL would laugh HARD and loud... Vlad starts looking around concerned and pissed off and tries to come back with "Oh yeh? Well you slave Dun, you not even a man u slave I punch you and you cunt do sheet Dun, nossing!!! AAAND from previous statements the crowd would have laughed at nearly anything I said next... So I said "Good thing slaves still exist in world today or Comrade Vladamir never get laid". WELL... That was it... They whole place erupted in laughter and Vlad started SCREAMING!!! "YOU SHOT OP YOU DON'T LAUGH AT ME"!!! And the look on his face was psycho murderous. So... Elizabeth not to be outdone said, "I was laughing Vlad,... It was funny, you simply lost the war of words is all". He was crazed then though... Looking around I wish you could have seen him...he looked like,... Afraid of losing face in front of everyone... Told Elizabeth "YOU SHOT OP, WHY DONT YOU GO EAT SOME BEBE OR SOMETING!!! She said "oh good one Vladamir" calmly... He paused... Whole place silent... Then looked at me teeth bared and charged at me, as if I was going anywhere... And started wailing at my face fast, while I could still talk I said "chew lose Vladamir ,chew lose" in my best Russian accent. Then he beat me to death... All went black... And then new body...Vlad's one of the goofiest mental cases there... Thinks he is descended from the Czars of Russia... Was a clone ass boy since childhood, they rewarded him with leadership of Russia for faithful service,... Gave him fake special forces credentials (spetsnaz, Russian special forces) and Vlad is indeed very "special"...


  1. This is such an awesome story Donald!
    I hope that one day i can make a movie about your life or several to Honor you!
    Will be the greatest movies ever made!
    We shall abolish Christmas and create Donald Marshall day!

  2. putler---killer of Ukrainians!!!!!!!!


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