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Vladamir Putin the Pedo

Donald Marshall (August 2013)

[ Russia introduces chemical castration for pedophiles]

Putin is a Pedo... don't fall for deception, look at the new's ,... how Vladamir seems to be doing everything right... you are being psychologically conditioned to think that Vladamir is a nice guy lol

Vladamir Putin is one of the worst people in the world 

Vladamir against Monsanto and GMO... Vladamir is ousting the Rothchilds...Vladamir is castrating pedophiles...Vladamir doesn't want homo right's which the Church supports...Vladamir and Medvedev want to tell world about aliens... Obama tell or Russia don't fall for it. 

Gems Anthony Hernandez - I was talking with some russian americans the other day. They said themselves that he no different than any other world leadet hungry for money power and fame

Celene Alf Menschel - new mesaiah 

Donald Marshall - All hail Lord Vladamir.

no no no... Vladamir is unlike other world leader's... He is more evil than they are... he is also mentally impaired. Just don't fall for the nice guy Vladamir thing... He is one of the Prime evils.

Celene Alf Menschel 

[Kiss of Putin]

Donald Marshall - Vlad likes martial artist boy's... clones em... keeps em for pets at the zone... HIS copy.

Gems Anthony Hernandez - if that were my kid I would have kicked ol Vlady in the throat

Donald Marshall - he's worse than you can imagine.Vludameer seve you ool soon.


Donald Marshall (August 2013) - Vladamir Putin and the "priest" on his left in this picture rape children regularly at the cloning center. Usually young males. You are all in grave danger.

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