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Vril & Blood

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - vrill can taste differences in blood, and have favorite kinds and mixes...

Question - whats their favorite blood?

Donald Marshall - kids blood, no vaccinations unknown what blood type and they scare em first to make adrenaline in the blood it makes em taste better to them and ha a slight drugging effect on them they like. they scare everything before they kill it chickens goats cats dogs... ive never heard of a blood type that cant be cloned. they told me you can clone any.


Donald Marshall (August 2013) - Vrill type 1's like goat blood n human blood,... Vrill type 3's like poultry blood and human blood. Vrill type 2 I dunno.


Pete Svzvki (July 2014)

"Pindar, has a castle in the Alsace Lorraine region of France -- I believe it’s in the Alsace region -- that he uses. And there are certain rituals done at the castle down in the dungeon part of that castle. And there is an entrance down there to underground places in the earth. And there is a natural formation of rocks that kind of glow green. And they keep menstrual blood in that formation. And this green glowing from these rocks actually turns the blood a darker color. And it’s called “black blood.” And it’s used in certain rituals. But there are smaller, less developed, LITTLE REPTILIANS that are kept down there. They’re kind of pets. And one other thing that’s also down there, there are eggs. It’s like a nest of eggs kept down in that part where it’s warm. It’s very warm down there into this entrance, and these eggs are kept down there incubating. And they are the reptiles’ eggs. And that’s where they keep them." Arizona Wilder

Donald Marshall - True I dunno about Pindar and the castle location, but the rest is true.

Pete Svzvki - What about the green rocks, menstrual blood & eggs?

Donald Marshall - True. They eat the moss and blood.


Donald Marshall (November 2012) - This next link is an illustration of one of the bloodletting scenes... the persons feet would be in hot water heated as the loss of blood would make the feet cold.


Donald Marshall (Mon. November 24, 2012) - They told me it was an old vrill disclosure book [The Voynich Manuscript] which cant be translated anymore, has pics of bloodletting apparatus they called it, the bigger vrill supposedly had set up back then deeeeep underground. But they lie a lot so ya never know,lol


Donald Marshall (Tue. September 9, 2014) - Supposed to be a vril disclosure book on the low. Then some called it an art project. Then a herbalism book. Shows people underground hooked up to blood letting apparatus. Also a bunch of women in a pool. Vrill used to get menstrual women to bleed in this pool communally. They like that blood more.There's also a glow in the dark fungus or moss underground they put the blood on. Makes it taste better to them.

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