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Vril Coming Up To The Surface

Donald Marshall (Thur. May 16, 2013) - Vrill have threatened at the cloning center to come up to the surface many times. But they'd lose badly. Small fast vrill type 1 would get the element of surprise and kill a lot of people but then humans would organize and blast them back underground and gas all tunnels leading deep.

But vrill are instinctually cowardly. They're literally parasitic life forms and the psychology of these things is cowardly. Hide in dark. Sneak attack. Attack in numbers. Only attack if ensured of victory. I learned as much about the vrill and all the other stuff as I could. To tell the world someday.

I'm very familiar with them.


  1. That looks just like a youtube video of a man saying he has contact with an alien and it was the same exact alien Vril (I knew it!) Another one is where a teenage caught one vril 3 on his property in a tunnel & got a close up vril 3 in house that he never knew was there. Also when he was scanning in the dark I notice a purse on the floor with a cross attached?? But this one looked more female in the face different?

  2. How long will a bright light stun a type 1 vril or type 2 vril or type 3 vril?

    How loud does music have to be to stun each of these above? or scream or yell?

  3. AnonymousJune 18, 2017

    How familiar are u exactly


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