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Vril & Droning

Cindy (Fri. April 10, 2015) - Donald or anyone who'd know...Do the Drones consent to this? Im thinking surely not, so if its against their will, how is it arranged to happen.. do the Vrils come up or are the host bodies taken down underground?? forgive me if this question doesnt show up in correct place / format... I am new at this.

Donald Marshall - Vrill come up to underground military bases from below. No one volunteers to be droned.

Betty Pak - How can a person prevent it from happening to them?

Donald Marshall - They'd have to get you while in your real body. Bring you somewhere. They said years ago that they do it in hospitals and prisons sometimes too.

Richard Feldman - Does anyone keep tabs on drones or are they simply cut loose to live their lives? Are most or all drones obligated to "return the favor" by providing future human victims, either through their own children or by snatching others? Any idea when droning will be "officially" considered a crime against humanity, which it literally is, and punishable by law?

Donald Marshall - Long answer.

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