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Vril "Evil Alf" Pets

Donald Marshall (July 2012) - they're [Vril Type 1] kept secret, some world leaders grew up with them, they made the sitcom "Alf" about them, some have a hole in their basement walls and give these things animals and in some cases humans... they're kept ultra secret, Elizabeth's pet is named Matilda... its bigger than average and old...they're smart. not nearly as smart as a human but can say some English words and have their own language of clicks n pops n gurgles built in sonar and everything... secret room recently made public tell all about these things, and there's even more... gotta kill these things off, and gas internal earth on a global scale..


Donald Marshall (July 2012) - i had one picked up once... and it was trying to look cute but this thing is a human killing bodysnatching the cute act did not work... it was literally stumbling around clasping its claws behind its back like Marylin Munroe at a photoshoot.... they do this instinctively to infiltrate...then when in and kept safe as an unknown thing wow this thingvis smart some ugly though.. ugly scaled monkey toy!!! then the Vrill once infiltrated releases reproductive fluids by choice... stored stuff... and faster than you think secretly without the owners knowing like an evil alf... which it is... just a terrestrial alien tho... So lays a clutch its called of 3 eggs... they hatch in secret then someone is taken over by the parent...n he supposedly is ill.... this happened many times in the past... people thinking they had an angel demon or leprechaun... or troll... some of the old fables about trolls are about these guys and are true... you think they are made up bedtime stories but nope legends passed down to warn against the danger of trolls... mag yoi in china means underground troll.

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