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Vril Symbols

Donald Marshall - This is one of many Vrill lizard symbols, all pointing to internal Earth.

just a symbol that Vrill scratch into the wall... lol, they scratch it on tunnel walls deep underground all over the place... some regions got a different symbol, some are just a V,... some are like the symbol on the flag in the Chris beniot "Insane clown Posse" song. I'll pop the link, check it out,... the video is an important metaphor for what is going on, and what happened to Chris Beniot.

Insane Clown Posse - Chris Benoit (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

on the flag of the girl in red, in the host parade,... all the hosts drop one by one to the slam of the warriors hammer. :) there is a LOT to this video.

Celine O'carroll - Do the various symbols represent various types of vril? or do they mark their territory with them?

Donald Marshall - Mark territory. Different regions of underground have different kinds of vrill, different hierarchies.

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  1. I'll be back. I am extremely nauseated trying to read the posts. Havent had this happen before. I'm milab and normally such doesn't bother me.


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