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Vril Type 2

(This is not a real picture of a Vril Type 2 lizard)

Donald Marshall (August 2012) - just found out Vrill type 2 are also called squidbillies or gnomes... they get bigger than I thought too, Ive only seen young ones at the cloning center... Duende... the conical hat is to cover the proboscis sheath... and they usually walk sideways cuz naturally theyre on all fours and walking forward is hard to them and messed up their joints... I need to look at those duende video's again. I thought when I saw the video of them walking sideways we were onto something but didnt think they got that big... so thought it was a kid or midget... they get that big... old ones... Ive only seen young small ones... vrill type 1 are always small 1 foot to 1 1/2 feet... theres only 2 kinds that I know of,... same biology. I usually only saw type 1 there.... the drawing is of type one... the type 2 have a sheath covering the proboscis, one of the names they hate being called is dickhead... and they get bigger,... with age... up to 3 feet tall, just met a big one there at the cloning center... only saw small ones before. same biology except strength... theyre very strong for something 3 feet... dwarf troll gnome... they spit and claw and have the toxic spit. . and they walk easier sideways because naturally they walk on all 4's


Donald Marshall - Type 1's have the blood spike, type 2 dont have it and 3's dont have blood spike.


Donald Marshall - Vrill type 1's like goat blood n human blood,... Vrill type 3's like poultry blood and human blood. Vrill type 2 I dunno.


Donald Marshall (October 2012) - Prince Charles tried to introduce me to the Vrill (type 2) and say they were andromedans crash landed in antarctica on a crescent shaped spaceship... that wasnt true though,... theyre just Vrills... troglodytes... they have no tech and are too dumb to discover any...


Donald Marshall (Wed. November 28, 2012) - GOOD NEWS THOUGH... The Vrill type 2 have retreated to the depths,... and are hoping for mercy.


Donald Marshall (October 2012) - Much truth in this... I hate Dulce base, I want it destroyed, the Vrill tunnels underneath caved in... Or used as an expanding gas insertion point to de worm the earth of Lizards.. The grey ones he is talking about are just Vrill type 2, bigger different looking face, stronger but biology the same... The reps and "greys" which are reps too used to war against each other underground for territory and food...

Secret underground base officer speaks out


  1. I would appreciate reading better writing. Misspelled words and so forth. Very difficult to read and comprehend. It would benefit the writer if he could write better. Writing is a skill that can shape and change the minds of people. Poor writing ruins everything.

    1. I didn't write this, I simply copied and pasted from Don's info.

    2. Do it better

    3. To not criticize other beings , dear ... is an art of gracefulness coming from within and That is a virtue,for you do not want to or do not care of or do not care for what other individuals are going all through right at these- this spread moment to the point of misspelling


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