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Vril Type 3 (The Grey's)

Donald Marshall - They're not greys theyre trolls, troglodytes and they live miles underground and they RUN the Vrill... I did not know this, I thought they were gene-spliced things...They are the things the NWO/Illuminati were planning on using to usher people onto the saucers to "take them away" to Alderaan..They are the project bluebeam things... These are what they will use. They put them in the star wars movie "Attack of the clones" and they are identical... They wanted to be in a movie. They speak with a female soothing voice and they are empathic... Can make u feel one emotional extreme to the next...Their pineal glands are way more advanced than ours. Oh they also have spikes on the insides of the wrists that come out a foot, look like a feather quill with no fluff on it and it injects you with some kinda narcotic... A natural defence mechanism... Cave men have drawn them on walls. They were here even then... Behind the scenes. Oh they like eating human too. 7 feet tall and more... And the males are bigger and more nasty lookin spines on the back n stuff... I know of 3 now. Tila put pics of these on her wall too... I thought they were tricking her with a gene-spliced thing.... Um no. Theyre the reason there is no more Atlantis..An empathic mind blast doesn't feel nice...They got 3 fingers a thumb and claws.. And sharp teeth like a shark. Its not good,... I'm freakin out a lil. They didnt build saucers, Atlanteans did, and primitive saucers too... With Gyro's and all, the US military have improved upon the design... Vril Society helped back engineer them...Theyre smarter than Vrill but still dumber than an average human... They were waiting to find new human friends to take up the technology that they couldn't replicate themselves... So Hitler the idiot went and made friends with em... Got the tech plans and set his scientists to work... Then the americans took over. None underground are friendly... Theyre jealous of us,... They want to take over fully... They manipulate world leaders through fear.. If there are good aliens out there they gotta come soon... So when u see this long necked thing walkin down a saucer ramp to "embrace mankind". You know what they are and where they come from. I thought Vrills were bad , but I have no chance to defeat the male versions of these... One killed a clone of me the other night, and they are strong... Heavy... Males have a few armor plates like a dinosaur ... Sound messes them up... Bright light... I hate sayin this stuff too,... Make me sound retarded. Have to though... People gotta know this before its too late. I didn't know they were feeding me disinfo or not... They told primitive cultures they came from Alderaan, a prominent constellation in the night sky... In the ship shaped like bull horns, thats on egyptian and mayan carvings... But theyre just underground trolls. Troglodytes. Now the smelly Giraffe alien troglodyte thing is gonna shred my clone for talkin bout em. Oh cant wait to crash now... Go to the puke factory and watch something disgusting... Maybe fight a 7 anna half foot tall monster... Oh sweet. Hope soon... I can stomp a Vrill... Can't beat the Male version of these things... And i dont know what theyre called they said they were Nibiru aaand annunaki so I dunno...Male messed me up bad... There is no beating them without a gun... Theyre reptilian too and lizard muscles are more dense or something... Strong as an ape... Well they said first they were Nibiru,.. I said bs cuz theyre supposed to come from space and you crusty things come from underground... Then they said oh fine were Annunaki... I said I don't care what yer called yer subterranean troglodytes.... A troll by any other name... Is still justa stinky troll...These are 7-8 feet tall... Thats officially a giant. I cant discount anything now... I thought there were just vrill... Now these longnecked things...

they dont have tongues... they have a blood dart spike thing so n becomes m and so on... and the small ones sound like they inhaled helium... the long necked ones voice is accurately depicted in the star wars movie attack of the clones... the female sounding one with the oh so soothing voice... this is the way they sound... but they hate talking like that... their natural sound is more like grover from sesame street and they are mean... they are slightly smarter than small vrill... but still not as smart as a human... they think different... whole other perception... infiltrate all business... they have an advanced pineal gland though and have an empathic power... not telepathic like read words out of yer head (although the nwo have discovered that tech) They can make you feel one emption or another to the extreme... they empathic blast you with hopeless sadness and you are stunned... fall cry... nothin u can do... there are helmets that block it though...have to tell you about empathic blast. feel like an idiot saying this stuff,... I am well aware how stupid and whack it all sounds but I haaave to tell... the things were introduced to me before over the years but I assumed they were just another gene-spliced thing... like the spider horse spliced thing... they showed me them and said they were aliens and used them for the idea for the movie star ship troopers... the big walker insect lookin things... theyre big like that... so I thought long necked 7-8 foot tall vrill were a spliced thing too... they always tried to trick me and lie and scare me and test me to see if I'd figure out the truth.... anyway... so lil while ago... the long neck female got me... showed me the mind blast... turns out theyve been mildly mindblastin my clone there for years... I just thought I'd get more emotional or angry cuz I was a clone and clones are more confused emotional... anyway they asked if i hated them and wanted them all dead all vrill, no friendship.. no peaceful coexistance... I said no, go back underground and await the gas. the thing.. blasted me paralyzed... didnt even recall after that but then new clone... and they showed me... the video on bigscreen... my head flopped to the side and the thing bit me on the side of the neck and shook like a dog would... I was so blurred didnt feel it didnt remember didn't recall... SO --> couple days later... a different one...looked similar, they all look basically the same, long necked ones... but this one had different face wrinkles... they wrinkle with age... it came over and I was trying to think of black...mindblank... hard to do... anyway the stupid thing juuust wanted to repeat what the other one did... pretty much said same thing... I said yeah yeah yer all gonna die. then I felt it, and it is the same feeling... I felt over the years sometimes before id start freaking out there... welll... I remembered the video... and knew i was powerless against it... you cant resist it... its not a strength of will thing.. I LET my head flop t the other side this time buuut i did it on purpose... just to see... well the fuzzy feeling immediately stopped and the thing moved in for the kill... seems like when it knew it had me it released its grip... once its on its on I guess... SO I thought I am NOT gettin chewed by this thing, so it slowly started bending its neck down to bite me... I thought How do I hurt this thing... Kick in the crotch... legs long had to jump up a little to hit effectively... turns out kicking these things in the crotch hurts them more than it hurts humans even, which is lots... it fell to its back... now these are sensitive to light and sound too... people in the crowd started gasping and the Donny NO... I advanced at it and yelled, it rolled over to go to all fours and get away... I jumped forward knowing it is gonna mindblast me any second. I stomped on its head... it was on its side... they dont have a sturdy skull... hollow bones... reptilian. It smooshed its head... crunch IT DID NOT DIE! Their brains are in the base of their neck... and the spine is brain too with them... actual brain is small... anyway the thing didnt die and it was crawling away slowly all messed up... (((The people in the stands acted as if I had just stomped a saint))) Someone said Oh Don what have you done? I laughed, said the first of many hahahahaa then pain in my head pain pain pain scream scream... next clone... then the male mate of the long necked female came out n messed me up... bigger and uglier and there is no beating them hand to hand... even with a sword it would be hard... they have bony plates on shoulders chest and spine is way like armor plated... thing shredded me... wanted to continually kill clone after clone OH female long neck did die... afterwards... anyway people there said stop.. he might die in real body, his hearts on the fritz... it protested... theyre way ugly... bigger stronger, that was that... other vrill types 1 and 2 are A-sexual... 1 sex... no femalke male, they have both not trying to sound cool or anything... yay i killed it... cuz i looked way dumb trying to fight the male... had to tell you about empathic thing though... OH females do empathic stuff way better than males too... with the long necked troglodytes...and they have the spikes that can come out the wrists and inject with drug stuff... disables you too... some celebs take the stuff on purpose and sit around stoned on it as clones... turn all pinkish purple and everything its gross... the spikes come out a foot and retract easy as bending our pinky finger to them... effortless... acted like i stomped a saint... all in awe... sayin I'm terrible... but looking around I could tell they liked it, I could see it in their eyes in the crowd.. theyre like just not saying it.. they have to act as friends to stay safe . they said lead helmets and helmets with a certain kinda electricity runnin through it will block the empathic interferance. Kill them the same way you kill anything else... hit it in vital spot... thing died later after I stomped it. Took a while I guess lol, I'm sorry, I have no sense of compassion for these things, no one should ever... kill em all... just shoot em all up, they'll die, they have hearts n organs... sound will kill them... bright light blinds em hurts em... citrus juice burns their skin... hot sauce would devastate them. skin is so sensitive.

A troglodyte. Beware these things... Im freakin out i need coffee and heart needs to slow and stop cramping up. I have to tell you about them in entirety...

I dont know if ive places you all in danger. World takeover..Of vrill drones and the troggies... Assisted by Russia and China... There are more drones in the world than I'd thought possible. Its so bad...All of them told me at cloning center...Told me join, marry a drone and survive, as they dont want to kill me im their fave human. ..... A drone is a parasited host of a lizard. They just mimic human behavior... They watch viddeos like going to school on how to act. Got a couple Xanax chill pils from a friend, waiting for em to kick in.... They dull my heart hurts. Tila is NO freedom fighter.... She is pro Vrill... They plan to introduce themselves to the world.... And anyone against them will be re-educated (droned) or will die. I'm not joining them to have my life spared. Massive deception planned... But they dont know if they can go ahead with it ,... May backfire. Vadamir drones everyone... Omg so much to say. I have to say in order and tell you the weaknesses and abilities of the longnecked troglodyted. They are not from space. They are the reason there is no atlantis anymore. Have to alert the milirtary,... I need a full screen of lie detectors for me and my relatives. And Chris Benoit,... Cant let that hero die in vain... His true story must be told as well. Ronald Reagan tried to tell the pulic, without permission twice... They forgave him the first time... Second time they bend his mind and called it alzheimers to discredit him from anything else he might say. Many celebs are drones. They want to take guns so you will have to chance. George Lucas was told the long necked trolls wanted to be in a movie.... He put them in star wars attack of the clones. Kaminoans. Google image. Exact depiction. 

Dont fall for the alien intro deception plan. Be familiar with the empathic manipulation... Its powerful and theyve practiced it on humans for centuries... They have it down... There are no good ones... Theyre all the same mentality... Infiltrate drone then takeover. Embarrassing to say but I think I'm losing it,... They keep hurting me bad now and putting into terror and pain scenarios... One after another... The long necked vrill bite chomp style... Not poke blood spike like version one and 2 vrills... They have a wide mouth... And serrated teeth like a shark... God help me.... I have kept my light saber blue all this time... When does it end?. Theyre trying to make me go nutty like Chris Benoit,... Who I must tell all about... A very sad story. I do believe in one God and a master of order in the chaos... I'm holding to faith he will preserve my heart and strength of will until I end the Illuminati... All part of his plan. 

Bad jedi got red sabers, evil,... Good jedi have blue green yellow purple... They make reference to it all the time... My light saber stays blue... I will never go dark side.,... Metaphor. Havent felt well since Tila's concert, and didnt get drunk... Whole body feels dreadful. Tila Stabs me to show off as clones.... Takes its toll on my heart everyting/ I thought she was faking until she had a large venue of people to spill the beans to,... But no, shats not gonna happen I guess. . Got me bad again. She is pro illuminati... And wants to play along with the alien intro plan.. Asked me to,... I said no. They wanted me to think up an inspiring speech for them... Dont tell about wrist spikes or parasitic proboscis but yeah lol, 

Long neck things bothering me there too... many... I have to tell you everything I know about those things... new situation with them involved... complications... I think they just revealed those things to me so I'd tell about them and look like a fool trying to explain yet another unbelievable thing they do... theyre desperate and will try anything it seems... I think theyre trying to get me to discredit myself... as there isnt much else they can do but kill me bribe blackmail threaten.

Type 3, the empathic blast drops anyone. they can only do one person at a time though

Type 1's have the blood spike, type 2 dont have it and 3's dont have blood spike. they may not actually have a mental blast. Could have been faked. could have caused brain swelljng with a chip, and just said it was the vrill that did it...

well they have 2 ways to pull bluebeam plan... one, by saying the smaller Vrill (bad reps lol) have saucers too and the Pleadians the "good" ones will war with them on a massive scale, some saucers will be real some will be a holographic like projection. The "pleadians RUN the smaller Vrill lizard types,... rule them... they are not confident project Bluebeam and Camelot will fool the public, and don't know if they'll go ahead with it. but it looks like theyre going ahead with Project 2012 and bluebeam and camelot are supposed to follow. Ok basically the flying saucers everyone hears about are man made, the "Pleadians" are gonna come down in one and say seek shelter in the dumbs or come with us to avoid the global weather anomolies. theyre not gonna take people off world they will take them to a dumb in siberia where they will be one by one systematically droned. they will win the bs saucer war and ask humans to come "off world" to visit their planet... and take them ship by ship to siberia and underground... assembly line bodysnatching...some stupid people will. the other part of project bluebeam is... involving the BS planet Nibiru... now I'm not sure if planet X is actually there or not NASA is totally down with these troglodytes out of fear and some there are drones too... drones are smarter than the original lizard thing... their intelligence increases but theyre still not as smart as the average human. they want to say that there are extremely long livesd aliens on nibiru planet, and theyre big as a football stadium... and for the past hundred years they have been piling nibiru rocks and soil to make a giant fin on the side of the planet to gouge Earths surface as it passes... dropping aliens on the surface as it passes, these will not be aliens they will be genespliced creations... to destroy the population... so Vrill can totally takeover... also the meteor shower will be fake... the falling stuff will be from massive ships and or satellites with missiles on board for the purpose... bluebeam projections will show you the planet getting closer and make it look like meteors are bombarding the planed... Pleadians will tell humans to either come with them off world (to Siberian D.U.M.B.) or seek shelter in a deep underground military base... where the same will happen. the world leaders that are not drones are held in fear because the Vrill and drones have cloned them with technology, not from a baby, fully formed duplicates, and they can make multiple bodies of you and torture one by one to death. 

In a nutshell these are the plans... the saucer Massive saucer will touch down at area 51... which is a deep underground military base itself... they have built a landing pad for the thing... you can see it on google earth. They will allow the public through to greet the "Pleadians" to share the light and love....

the galactic federation of light is a Vrill deception,... run by drones and dead chipheads... the andromedans and pleadians are vrill type 3, the long necked grey lookin guys, they will put their consciousnesses on chip and put them into beautiful women clones with big eyes to make them look exotic... they just want to take people underground... theyre the "nordics" too... another spinoff they talk... channelings are usually people with mark 3 clones which are not rem driven, they are real time... its confusing but, the freaks talk to the clones of these people while the clone is in a drugged state and the real people think theyre experiencing a psychic event,... its all a ruse... no shame in being fooled though, they fool the smartest people." "the andromedans are a lie... they are the long necked Vrill going to use man made saucers to come down and spread the "love and light" they want to bring people back to their "homeworld" (siberian D.U.M.B ) and eat them and drone them..." "Prince Charles tried to introduce me to the Vrill (type 2) and say they were andromedans crash landed in antarctica on a crescent shaped spaceship... that wasnt true though,... theyre just Vrills... troglodytes... they have no tech and are too dumb to discover any...

type 3's (which I'd always thought were a gene-spliced creation using greys and humans or something because they're so tall), ever since I was 5

Vrill type 3's act like they have asthma when closer to the surface or in a deep base after a while. Vril 1's need methane mix too supposedly. Affects vrill 3's more it seems.

Vrill type 3 are supposed to be good swimmers.

vrill type 3 have a shark like skin thats rough one way and smooth the other and their tongues are different... I hate vrill!

different vrill type 3's can screech different pitch, they can really screech. The smaller ones type1's do a distress screech that sounds kinda like the crazy caterpillar from a Simpsons episode. Weird.

Vrill type 3's legs can bend just like that, this is their usual natural posture, but they walk upright most of the time. debilitating horror until you get semi used to their appearance.

Quetzalcoatl was a vrill type 3... mask and jingly shiny ornaments tied on to him everywhere, including feathers.

Mothman is vrill type 3 a vrill type 3

Vrill type 3 have also been called the Argonauts... underground is called Agartha, but also a Argonians. they have many names. Long neck greys.

I've seen em get like 8-9 feet, mostly long neck... theres different sub-types though.

They're called Vrill,... also...Pleadeans, Dopplegangers, Mimic's, Trolls, Mag Yoi (underground troll in Mandarin language) They have a lot of names.

as Vrill type 3's age the dark lines become more prominent, the lines turn purplish black on gray and beige skin...

you can tell just by looking at them that they are toxic poison...

deep deep underground the pressure is different, Vrill type 3's can't even stay on the surface long, they have breathing problems and start sounding like the have asthma, they also breath an oxygen methane mix.

Vrill call themselves the children of Lucifer... Vrill are religious. They say they are the demons in all the books...

Vrill live in primitive tunnels and hollows in some regions, they also live in deep base cities in some regions. Theres a lot of stuff down there.

They wanted to be seen in the movie Star Wars "attack of the clones" to gauge public opinion on their appearance... they used the best looking younger vrill type they could copy from. Kaminoans they are called in the movie... they run a cloning operation in the movie LMAO!!! George Lucas and the others at the clone zone were only too happy to put them in the movie... to identify them in future somehow... 

Not all vrill type 3 are identical, they have different proportions sometimes, different bone ridge at the top of the head. Sometimes a Mohawk of feather fluff instead of hair . Different facial bones. Pretty much the same, just evolved in a different region of underground, eating different things. How I hate em.

New info I learned, vrill type 3's use clones to fight in the arena, explains why they didn't seem to care when I gouged their eyes and fought them, thing is, human clone grow tubes can't grow vrills the pressure is too much in a hard glass cylinder, clones twitch involuntarily during forming sometimes, the vrill cloning tubes have to have give to them, like a womb, too much pressure in glass cylinder.

It's saying all over the place in posts that different countries are talking about disclosing aliens or reptilians of some kind, Some guy is even saying theres Vrill lizards that suck brains out (which they do) But they are going to try to circumvent me, and disclose a bullshit story about them, saying these greys are "saving" us from the "bad reptiles" Greys ARE reptilian too, just evolved and have no scales, their biology is still reptilian... they are just another kind of Vrill... type 3. type 1 and 2 have scales and are small. 3's run them and are big... theres a few different varieties, they evolved different slightly in different regions underground,... basically the same though, look a little different in the face, ALL ugly as a baboons ass... You know what Vrill are and what they do now... there ain't no nice ones. Not even one.

back in old days the Vrill type 3 were so hideous looking they had to wear masks all the time,... they'd wear feathers and bells and jingles, aztec mayan egyptian, native indians... they were everywhere throughout history.

that's about as pretty as they get... this would be a young one. those nose lines are a continuation of the lips, and the thing can open its mouth wide and latch onto peoples faces...

Laurence Mountford - also don, so you say the egytians were not vrill killers now? when did you find that out cause i said in the vid that you said they were, and but i did point out all the weird worship symbology of vrill that didnt make sense if they were vrill killers

Donald Marshall - nah they filled me in on that one a while back. Vrill type 3's used to run the place, with the Pharoah as figurehead, That's what they usually do, use figureheads, and they just about always wore masks, because humans have an instinctual fear of their facial appearance.

Vrill type 1's like goat blood n human blood,... Vrill type 3's like poultry blood and human blood. Vrill type 2 I dunno.

Vrill type 3's sat around in robes like royals and attempted to drone the population and enslave it, they succeeded, but were eventually driven out They got beat back underground in just about every culture they ever infiltrated. But they always come back... come up from under the apple peel somewhere else. Infiltrate with a few hosts n take over.

they love gold. big status symbol with them.

they have big bulbous black eyes

they bleed. bullets kill them just fine.

vrill type 1's are the dumbest vrills... they're like the pet's of Vrill type 3's. the big ones.

Vrill type 3, young one, they get real ugly with age.

Vrill type 3 have 3 fingers and 2 toes.

type 1's (most numerous) and type 3's biggest ones smartest vrill (still dumb) run them

type 3"s run the first 2 smaller types.

This was posted on my wall and I didn't want to say anything about it, because it sounds crazy,... but this is not a woman screaming in the audiotape, that is the way that Vrill type 3 scream, the Siberian miner that recorded it had drilled into a hollow pocket WAY down, and the primitive group of Vrill (isolationists) noticed the microphone and were afraid of it, one of the 3's started to do it's scream at the microphone, they scream when threatened,... they scream for dominance,... they were trying to scare whatever it was away... the Siberian miner then went to the Russian government with his findings, WHO THEN quickly dismissed it as a host, added background noise and the temperature report, saying it must be a hoax as nothing could live at 2000 degrees. It was not 2000 degrees. This is the same kind of scream that the Vrill type 3 did to Tila Tequila the night she did the surprise live radio show disclosing info about the cloning centers. I've heard the things do the screech more times than you realize... this is not a woman screaming.

Unsure of the background noise... some Vrill can speak English, not well but they can. some vrill 3's have deeper toned screeches than this, some are high pitched. Underground when they pass each other in tunnels they scream at each other for dominance, whichever one can scream louder is dominant and the other makes way... lol it is funny to see... youd think oooh scary monsters screechin BUT... it actually looks like naked ancient old ladies screechin at each other... can't wait till theyre all dead.

Siberia Hell Sounds

type 3, young one, depicted in the movie Star wars "Attack of the clones" when they get old the neck shortens and they get all wrinkly and look like Pumpkinhead from the movie pumpkinhead.

They look like pumpkin head from the movie, ill show you a pic. When they're old. And they get oooold People have four chamber heart attacks by being confronted by these things,... Kills them in real body sometimes... Older people seeing them for the first time. Die in their sleep.

wanna see an alienz skull and rest too? :) Dead Vrill type-3's I love it :) Gotta make them all like that

Macho Lewis - It looks primate?!?!

Donald Marshall - reptile interrupted frozen hibernation (cause of death) they can get half thawed out and a rat bite through their brain in the cave... anything...vrill type 3's can hibernate like that frozen and come out of it wayyyy later... they keep their fingers by the toes like that because it's painful to freeze fingers and toes first before the rest, it makes it like part of the whole and it all freezes up at the same rate. it is why these 4 are positioned like this... all the same pose...

Macho Lewis - So they were found and taken out of their chambers early?

Donald Marshall - no, sometimes they half thaw out and they die, head exposed, rest in ice...for a year 

4 of em. they're vrill type 3's that died during a failed hibernation attempt in freezing temperatures. Notice the fore arm spikes...

These are dead vrill type 3's... I haven't seen any rotted ones but the dimensions are correct. Long necked greys.

PROJECT CAMELOT! Ok I forgot to say about Camelot and it must be told NOW... it is a plan they have implemented to create a messiah like figure... to calm the public in the event of global catastrophe... they had many people set to play the role, A female named "The Metreya" a man named "Lord Rayel" a man we all know as Steven Joseph Christopher (the internet God guy), and Donald Marshall... me... the purpose of this is... to welcome the possible landing of the Vrill type 3 ("pleadians") and encourage friendship with them... also to tell their followers to follow them into the depths of a D.U.M.B (deep underground military base) where they will become hosts for the subterranean parasitic lizard race known as the Vrill... types 1 and 3...

Now you know the Secret of Vrill, do not be deceived by what they are going to try... Saucers are man made and "greys" are not from space, they are from deep underground... they are troglodytes... parasitic lizards. They are malevolent.


  1. OMG I was abducted by the short Grey's who messed with me and recently approached in the dream state by a woman who told me don't be afraid this being has something to tell you. I was on a bed and I knew I was drugged and just waking up. The long neck was sitting on a chair and I went over to it. It locked eyes with mine and telepathically told me that what I see in its eyes was the future for mankind. I saw the universe. Do you spouse it was trying to condition me to trust it? There were 3 more long necks pacing back and forth outside the window. They looked exactly like the pictures here. I even drew them. I am an artist. What do you think? How can I avoid thwm?

  2. So vril type 1s are trolls too called vril. How did the different types go from looking like a pet alf to a crab ugly thing to an 8 ft tall alien looking being?

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