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Donald Marshall (January 2014) - Some of them call themselves "walk-in's" describing themselves as an alien that took over the body... lol telling people they are a host of an alien... people think they are crazy and say "oh really isn't that nice...ok carry on" buuuut sometimes they are actually the parasited host of an alien LOL!!! they love doing that too... just saying it out in the open and no one does anything...

It's only because people think they're delusional or lying... once people know about vrill hosts... they're all going to get killed off real quick I'm thinking


  1. Valerya the huma doll, said she's a Pleadian???/

    1. hmm... this is what Don has said before, "the andromedans and pleadians are vrill type 3, the long necked grey lookin guys, they will put their consciousnesses on chip and put them into beautiful women clones with big eyes to make them look exotic..."


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