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Weird Al

Donald Marshall - Weird al is at cloning a lot. Has been since I was a kid. I helped the retard make many songs.

I hate that guy badly.

Now I have past memories of that retarded Jewish price of shit. Hate that guy bad. Not many at cloning like him... Kids. Nothin. He's a pretty mean guy...

Thinks he's quite powerful. He isn't Mr laughy happy idiot at cloning.

Pervert. I used to have to spoof my own songs as a kid for him to use. Yes I even made all his bigger songs. He'd help with joke lines and rhymes.

Laurence Mountford - Remember any? did you throw in hints anywhere in any of his stuff?

Donald Marshall - Used to tell me I was a slave I'd make him songs or be tortured and never even think of getting him back in future because I was just going to die anyway.

Not in his Jokie songs.

Laurence Mountford - which did you help with?

Donald Marshall - Sometimes I'd make a good song but then I'd immediately have to make a spoof song of it. Same night for that guy.

All the big ones and some small ones.

Hinty new song by weird Al.

Dave McGregor - Ha interesting. It seems as though he's making fun of the people who don't believe that this stuff is real. Just throwing it their faces and laughing at them. The average person will laugh and think he's making fun of the ones who think its all 'tin foil' nonsense, but the joke is on them. To those that know, its obvious 'fear porn' mongering, and to those really in the know, we understand its a vapid attempt at brainwash to make you think 'they' are unified and in control. If they really were in such a position for world domination, they would have done it already.

Laurence Mountford - Yeah, that and, when the times comes. He'll go. "n-no n-no I was GOOD, look I tried to HINT, Im Niiiiice" Saving his own skin

Donald Marshall - Exactly his intent I think. Laurence.

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  1. If Donald Marshall wants more of the non-believers to believe why not make a song and right before it releases tell us more about what the song is about instead of after it's already released? Not saying I don't believe him but he would gain more followers.


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