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exClone Project: Mind Clones

"Whether or not immortality can be achieved through “not dying” can actually be achieved remains to be seen, but it may possible to achieve a different kind of immortality, if the creators of The exClone Project have their way.

Dr. Riza Berkan, an entrepreneur, AI expert, physicist and not-so-mad professor, he’s the creator and principal scientist behind the The exClone Project. Berkan explained his team’s concept is to make it possible for anyone to create an “online clone” of themselves, simply by entering details of their personality, memories and expertise into a system, which in turn creates a digital copy of their person – their “essence” if you will.

“exClones have several basic intelligence functions,” said Dr. Berkan. “They have consciousness, whereby it knows its performance and identity; they have curiosity, they detect unknown names, and investigate them through Wikipedia, or through any other information channel you have; and they have learning, which is very important as they can learn from social conversations.”

The idea of achieving immortality through our digital clones is pretty cool

ExClones might even be used by celebrities as well, functioning as a sort of PR/marketing tool. Perhaps Justin Bieber will want to create a clone of himself to save himself from the hassle of interacting with his legions of female fans. “It would be like an advanced form of Tweeting, having your exclone face the public in a conversational manner,” said Berkan.

Imbuing “Michael” and the other exClones with our personalities, this would seem the greatest achievement such a project might achieve. Next to this, a clone of someone out there might endeavor to learn all there is to learn, and furthermore, to be able to apply all that.

Is it possible? By now we should all know, anything is. We’ll keep an eye on “Michael”, and the coming exClones. And I look forward to the day I can clone myself to become more efficient at writing :-)"

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