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Why Don Is Exposing This?

Donald Marshall - creepiest stuff in the world... I know. I have to inform the world about this stuff though... So it's stopped, everyone freed and no one has to suffer under the thumb of the Illuminati ever again... I've never been a conspiracy "theorist",... Never went to these info sites before about Illuminati and corruption... I feel apprehensive to even mention stuff because it makes me sound like a mental case lol... But I just have to... Everyone else there scared silent... And since theyre just gonna to clone torture me to a heart attack anyway, and re-animate me after death as a mark 3 or 4 clone for death after death, I really haven't much to lose... Get to do a good thing... Hearts permanently janked anyway... Vengeance is mine.

Although since telling you all publicly here about people attacking me there and which celebs and politicians are doing what, less and less people want to come out to get me now The hurts have diminished somewhat... They worry for the future... Even if I'm dead... They said the info is forever and they are doomed eventually... . Just a matter of time.

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