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Why Don Takes Long To Post?

Donald Marshall - I sometimes stretch out disclosure for several reasons...

#1 They will punish me as clones and torture me there in rem stage if I don't say what they want.

#2 I don't want to dilute the prevalent issues.

#3 Nephelims said that the decisions I make and the things I say on here will affect the fate of the world.

#4 Some people only get on FB every 2 or 3 days, some just on weekends... I want all eyes.

#5 The way they have done things at cloning makes it so that if I just say exactly what happens it sounds ludacrous and that is intentionally done with the aid of illuminati member psychologists and the best brain melters they can get to set events up...

#6 I don't know a lot "about" the new creatures... and was thinking I would accumulate more info in subsequent rem cloning activations... strengths weaknesses stuff like that... mindset of them... u know...

#7 OH, and one more... I do a lot of crazy stuff there... have to be brave or they will talk down to you and maybe attack... cowardice disgusts them... i've done some things there that sound like I'm painting myself in a self gratuitous light... to relate accurately, even though I've lost many fights badly to things, it'd sound as if I'm bragging... I'm not... I lost 85% of the time. 100% of the time against some shit...



  2. If you want all eyes. You could start by making your facebook page where people who want to know about this stuff can add you. You could also message people back that inbox you

  3. Killuminati 4life


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