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Why Don’t People Talk About The Cloning Centers?

Donald Marshall (Tue. December 17, 2013) - People sometimes ask me, why don't more people speak out about the Illuminati cloning centers, :) Well the answer is not hard to figure out, there are multiple deterrents for a person to talk and there are way worse things than just plain ol' death.

Don,.. That's so graphic,... terrible... LOL, ^^^ that's what gettin clone razzed looks like. :P

and the guys hooking up the chains are unattractive perverts trying to scare everyone else there into compliance with the implied idea that the same could happen to them too if they don't go along.

Then there are the religions that are secretly into torturing people and animals as a religious devotion.

it gets way worse than this pic,...


  1. how did you get a photo of this? is this from a movie? How would you get a camera to a Cloning Center? Gross.

    1. I got it off of Donald Marshall's Facebook. It's simply an example of what clone torture looks-like at the cloning centers.


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