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Why Hasn't The Illuminati Killed Don?

Astral Light - The reasons why the Illuminati hasn't killed Donald Marshall yet are:

1. Because of all the songs he made.

2. They believe he's New Age Jesus and he's the savior that Nostradamus talks about.

3. They want to use him (because they’re cowards) to expose: Human Cloning, Cloning Centers, Vril Lizards & Parasited Human Hosts

4. They don't want to be the one's responsible for his death because of who he is and what he's done.

5. It's too late now and we would all know he was telling the truth and the populace would punish them worse because they killed the savior of humanity.


  1. It's going to take Donald to die. That's the only way people will realize it is all real. So RIP G

  2. All of the above are true to a point.

    Don says the Vrils are scared of him because they believe he has a connection to the CREATOR GODS (caps intended).

    Don probably carries CREATOR GOD blood and can not be killed (like Kenny on Southpark except for real). If he was to be killed, he would probably be resurrected (sp) and that has probably happened before.

    Alex Rogan

  3. The only way the Illuminati will let someone of there on stay alive is if that someone is helping there agenda. A lot of this stuff aka so called classified information. Is test runs. They or Illuminati mind test to see how the population responds to such shit. All to see if the world is ready for there soon to come lies to start there new world faith. Its all deception.


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