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Younger Clone Versions

Donald Marshall (July 2013) - Elizabeth and others have the option of inhabiting younger clone versions of themselves, they have even made kid bodies of me and had me activated in them within the past year a bunch of times,... however, if you do that and sit around in a younger version of yourself your way more erratic and confused, like drunk kinda, can't communicate well and act even weirder... so they usually inhabit recent copies of themselves, to be in control as much as possible,... still wacky though. I was Elizabeths favorite sex toy. Molest him then kill him in some strange way.

1 comment:

  1. Why were you her favorite? Was it your gift of writing songs or because you were cute? Both? Does she still molest the child clones of you? I know you can have sex for as long as you are able and age doesn't matter,but she is 90 bleepin' years old! Skin, bones and crust. It's too bad nobody ever loved her,not her husband,not her family - hundreds of thousands of babies/children/adults would be alive had someone loved her -


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